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    First off got to say wouldn’t be here with out the support of all our friends and family since day one! Appreciate you all and can’t wait for more of you to join the FREEEK life!

  • GYM

    You’ll find us at the gym lifting heavy and destroying every workout! The gym and being active is apart of the lifestyle so set them goals and get after it!


    When winter rolls around you’ll always see us at the mountain! You’ll find us spraying powder around, hitting the park, and getting crazy in the back country!

  • GOLF

    When it’s that time of the year you will see us on the course getting after it! We love to get out there with our friends, 3 putt, slice right and have a good time! We will be pros one day!

  • LAKE

    When that heat comes the lake is calling our name! We love to hop on the boat crank up the tunes get the vibes right, cruise the lake, and get wild while getting pulled by the boat!

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